The Wolf Among Us
  • Just in case anyone hasn't heard of this, it is an episodic TellTale game in which the first episode was cleverly handed out for free.  I was hooked and patiently awaiting the second episode.  Obviously buying the season pass for a tenner was a no brainer.

    Well the second episode came out yesterday, but it's not free for season pass holders.  Even today they still havent fixed it.  I'm starting to get pissed off...
  • Haven't had a chance to play this yet, hopefully get time at the weekend. Still need to complete Walking Dead season 1 lol.
  • I haven't seen or heard about this so will look into next time I'm on, cheers doc!

    What's it about and does it play like TWD game?
  • It plays just like the walking dead games.  Ill not go into the setting but it's very interesting.  I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  • Went on this morning to download episode one and it looks as if it's no longer free mate
  • Ah, gutted.
  • Its not even fixed, as such.  I was sent a download code for the second episode via XBL message.  If this happens every time a new episode comes out, it is going to seem season pass holders are being punished.  This is only going to reflect badly on Telltale, even if it is because of M$ like telltale have claimed.

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