Irrational Games is No More
  • Creative Director Ken Levine has announced mass layoffs at Irrational Games and the reason behind move is a change of focus.

    Apparently Ken wants to go back to his developer roots by creating core games for core gamers with a small team. Also he only wants to develop digital download titles with this next venture.

    Looking like no more Bioshock for next-generation

    Full story at IGN
    Is Ken Making a Mistake Here?
    1. Is Ken making the right decision here?2 votes
      1. no
  • I think disc based games are on the way out.  I find I am more likely to play something on my hard drive than put the game in the drive.  Call me a lazy cunt all you want but it is the way forward.

    I just hope that if this is how things are looking, it doesnt stop the big projects, and leave every developer looking for the next angry birds.
  • It's sad, bio shock infinite was too combat based for me but still had a great story and tie in, I fear he wouldn't get the time he likes on a smaller project without the rep that irrational enjoyed after bio shock 1
  • I loved the first bio shock but it kind of went downhill after we left rapture. Not sure if it was because we already knew what to expect, whereas the first one was a whole new experience.

    Either way I voted he has made a mistake but not for the irrational games thing, I think he's made a mistake with going digital only, cliff blizinkski also said this week he was too which is ok for people with 50+ meg connections but for everyone else it's just a hassle, also if games were fully digital we'd be charged more for the game as there'd be no competition if you were downloading games from say xbl, where as disc based games are available at multiple outlets who all compete with each other.

    I also prefer a case with my games and I like the fact I can trade it in, sell it on or buy one preowned. Yes sorry I know it's a rant but all I hear these days is how's everything will be disc soon. And I hate it =[

  • You're obviously not the only one who feels that way, Karl, going by the backlash Microsoft had before their U-turn over not being able to trade in Xbone games, etc.  If it wasn't for my internet connection I would probably feel different too.
  • I'm more digital here guys, wish Xbox kept the xbone digital only. Would to walk in from work a go "Xbox On" then Xbox play Titanfall" then after a few hours see one of yiu guys playing Destiny then hop into a party and go "Xbox play Destiny". No getting up and pissing about with opening trays a cases just seamless transistions.Shame the gaming world went mental when Xbox announced dmr and changed their ways because of it.
  • can have everything digital if you want? The fact that it supports BOTH disc and digital day one download (games on demand) is a winner anyway you look at it surely!?

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