Xbox one
  • So since many are looking to get the Xbox one in the near future for elder scrolls online lets keep a check on special offers and game recommendations for one you get the big black box in your grubby little hands!
  • I'm hoping to get my hands on one for ESO launch!
  • I I'll be getting my big black sexy box on my bday, July 9th. Looking forward to Halo 5, TitanFall and hopefully a new gears.
  • Yeah when it comes to shooters Xbox seems to win hands down, halo 5, gears 4, titanfall, first access to battlefield 4 and cod dlc.

    What I'm really looking for is some good RPGs though, elder scrolls online, fable legends and the witcher 3 are good an all but we need a new mass effect style franchise this gen! Also fallout 4 would be nice!
  • Defo looking forward to some RPG's too Chunky. The Witcher looks incredible and Dragon Age: Inquisition. What I really want is something new though. Oh and co-op FallOut 4 would be nice.
  • I wasn't impressed with the ESO beta, although I only spent a few hours on it and know it's not an exact representation of the final product.  I don't think I would pay a monthly subscription to play what seems like an elder scrolls world without the detail.  

    As for the Xbone, I will be getting one or the other but probably not until I get a good deal sometime between Black Friday and 2015 Jan sales.
  • Apparently a rumour going about that Microsoft are planning a massive price cut around summertime, looking at £360 (no pun intended) for a xbone, this is happening alongside the white Xbox being released. Who know's if true but I sure do hope it is.
  • I want one for TESO but it's not looking good, I've two holidays and a wedding to pay for. If they drop a lot in price and I work all hours I can maybe Danielle will let a xbone slide for TESO who knows
  • I'm in the same boat now, gotta pay my holiday off before i get one!!
  • Sticking with PC for ESO if I go ahead with it. Got the PS4 obviously but not sure I will go down the route of an Xbox even for Halo 5 and Gears 4 (if it happens).

    The new price point is however better, the old one was unsustainable in light of competition.

  • Ive got an Xbone atm, just until Tuesday week.  Decided already Im going to get one though.  At easter there will be an offer combined with my staff discount which means Ill get the xbone with titanfall and an additional game for £349.50 - looks like the credit card is getting a workout. 
  • ...and Ive got one of my own!
  • Woo doc, have to give you a game on titanfall
  • Very tempted to break my "I'll only get an xbox one for eso" promise as I can get the titanfall bundle for only £315 through asda online with my mam working there aswell. That's just a brilliant price!

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