Xbox gold free games
  • The two free games for xbl gold members have been announced, civilization revolution and dungeon defenders. Havnt played either before so don't know what there like, having a quick look at the link dungeon defenders seems fun for a bit of coop dungeon crawling. Civ rev don't seem my sort of game, but it's free none the less!

  • April has the best free game yet, Hitman Absolution.  I already own it, but I like the fact they are heading in the right direction.

  • Can't say I've really played a hit man game, thought they were shit tbh but I'll give it a go. What's the other one available ?
  • Deadlight is at the half month.  I think it said a side scrolling zombie game?  Didn't read much into it.

    Hitman is quite slow paced but I got into Absolution more than any of the older ones I tried.  

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