Call 'O Duuuuuutaaaaay is back again....
  • Hell yeaaaa it's back and it lookin good, mainly because Kevin Spacey's sexy wrinkles have made an appearance.

    Sledgehammer Games are developing this years installment, (thank god it's not Infinity Ward) with a release date of November 4th.

    Same old shit really, set in the future, some people die, then loads of people die, you kill some people, you kill lots of people and hey it's Kevin Spacey.

    Here's the launch trailer..... enjoy 

  • It looks quite good.  They're trying something different, which had to happen really.  Weren't Sledgehammer jointly responsible for the complete flop that was MW3, though?  Seems harsh blaming it on the few remaining members of Infinity Ward who are clinging onto the company name.
  • I'll buy it, abuse it for a month, get bored. Sell it. Or if it's anything like ghosts it will go back the day after I bought it! (Full refund baby! That game was horrible!)

    Same shit different year. Oooo look an exo suit. So what. It's mindless fun to me, throw it on when you got nowt else for a no thinking game night. But yeh, see you November 4th ;)
  • Got a feeling this CoD is going to be very different this time round. Apperently SledgeHammer are making a completly new engine, none of that rebuffing of old ID Tech engines. So hopefully we will see a whole new gameplay experience.

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