Dust is Free!!!!
  • Free arcade game this month is Dust.

    Haven't heard much about this game before but played it last night and it was rather fun. Little side scroller action game with a cool story..... You fight with a sword that talks!!!!!! Check this game out guys, it ball clenchingly good.

    Anyone played it yet? What your thoughts?
  • I bought it in the xbox sale.  Im a few hours into it and it's really good.  It gets quite hard quite fast.
  • I've nearly completed it, really good. Karl gave it a go, saw the flying cat and reset his Xbox, I guess there is no pleasing some people
  • What are you lot smoking these days the game is shit. And now eso for consoles has been delayed. What a load of shite
  • Whaaaat that flying cat is awesome, wish I could make love to it that cat is soooo epic!!!! eso delayed boooo, so many games getting delayed its mad. Just hope Destiny keeps its release date this time.

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