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  • We are interested in starting a gaming blog for xbox games here on the site the editors are myself Dan Webb And Alexander Wensel
  • Welcome mate, Karl here. Were just setting up a serperate discussion board now for your reviews to go into the forum. Will let you know when it's on shouldn't be long.

    Like I said on FB if you's post quality reviews often I'll give rich (crazyrichh) a nudge and tear him away from his new shiny xbox one for a night and he'll whip up a complete separate page for you guys where you can post full reviews to a webpage rather then just a forum.
  • sounds like a plan :)

  • Welcome rodge133 and Alex, was just adding the category when I saw its already there, I guess Karl is finally working out how to do things lol
  • These new boards are going to take me a bit of getting used to haha

    Should never of changed rich ;)
  • ^ Me and Rodge are happy to be here!

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