E3 2014 Xbox Media Briefing Review
  • E3 is upon once again and the excitement cannot be contained.Now that we have witnessed all of the main press conferences its now time to give you our thoughts on what they did well what they didn't do so well and what made their presentations so unique. To help grade this conference we will be using 4 different topics. We will begin with a look at the Microsoft Briefing

    Now before every event there is the train of hype and excitement that comes from the gamer's and developers alike. After the disaster that was Xbox One's initial marketing and the mixed signals of last years Media briefing Microsoft needed to bring all their cards to the table. As we all know the key ingredient for any gaming system to be successful is the GAMES. Microsoft really needed to shift their focus from all of this entertainment crap to what all us gamer's really want. How did Microsoft do in terms of games two words sum it up HELL YES, Microsoft really went all out at this conference pumping out game after game and no home entertainment to cloud the way I have to say that this is probably Microsoft's best Event in years.

    Like I said above Microsoft really needed to bring the big gun's to the table and they blew away all of my expectations. The event started with the world premiere of Sledgehammer Game's brand new title in The Call Of Duty series Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The demo showcased something i have never before seen in a COD title a real emotional connection between the player and your squad mates I am surprised that they actually managed to grab my interest in another annual title. As the show went on we were introduced to some amazing games such as Sunset Overdrive (Insomniac Games), Assassins Creed Unity (Ubisoft) and Forza Horizon 2 (Playground Games) but none could beat the game that was to come. Halfway into the event a video was played of two people discussing their favourite games one of the two mentioned that the Halo Series was the most iconic series of games they had ever played. It was after this that the lights dimmed down everyone sat in silence and then that iconic theme song came on stirring the fans into an uncontrollable state of excitement. And then Microsoft dealt the biggest blow of the year they announced Halo: The Master Chief Collection a next generation H.D remake of all 4 main installments of the Halo series. The collection includes all 4 games running on their original engines, and displaying at 60 fps and 1080p, also included in the box is a brand new halo series directed by Sir Ridley Scott called Halo: Nightfall and access to the Halo 5: Guardians Beta later on in December of this year. In terms of games this year Microsoft really stole the show

    Now while this was a very impressive and enjoyable event it was not without its faults. Quite a few of the titles that Microsoft showed off at their conference were not exclusive to the Xbox One and were in fact multiplatform games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Cd Project Red). While this is not a bad idea in small amounts Microsoft relied heavily on these titles when they could have been showcasing some more original Xbox content this will affect the conferences final grade a small bit. The second problem i had with this event was the pacing of the announcements. Microsoft decided to take the approach of pumping out game announcements without anything to break them up. I believe Microsoft should take a page out of Nintendo's book as they paced their event with game announcements but also with a selection of development diaries and a very clever use of animated humor directed by the creator of Robot Chicken think on these aspects for next year Microsoft.

    At the end of the day I very much enjoyed Microsoft's display at this years E3 with just a few minor hiccups that i am sure Microsoft will iron out before Gamescom in August I am rating this years E3 Xbox Media Briefing an A- very well done guys

    For more coverage check out our EA Media Briefing review coming here very soon thanks for reading guys :)

  • Brilliant first review, enjoyed the read and defiantly agree with your conclusion.

    Looking forward to Forza horizon 2 and that dead rising Dlc they showed myself. Just need to bag myself an xbox one (when the missus finally allows it!!)

    Good job and look forward to your next review.

  • Well played, needed a good reviewer (that wasn't just c&p them from elsewhere haha)

    Rich says he loves it so much he can't bring himself to type his own praise.
  • Don't care about any other game apart from The Witcher 3. It looks the nuts!!!!!! "You see those mountains? You can go to there and past them".

    Oh and Batman: Arkham Knight.

    And where the feck was Gears of War 4 and Fallout 4? Biggest disappointment of my life, nearly killed a kitten because of this failure.
  • Lmao nearly killed a kitten haha and Demonza we all know big boss rich is too busy to type on this forum!! Too busy sleeping in parties
  • Haven't seen much of the E3 vids yet, but now I know which bits I want to see.

    Great reviews guys

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