E3 2014 - EA Press Conference - A Review:
  • Every year E3 is Christmas for gamers. You've never seen a nerdgasm, until you've seen "Nerds" at E3. Nerds like me! Sometimes, E3 is an amazing time, and sometimes its... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry, i almost fell asleep *Cough 'EA" Cough* again. Either way, I'm awake now and roaring to review the EA press conference!

    We'll start off with...

    The Good: EA Sports is a safe bet, in terms of what makes EA the most money. Games like, EA Sports UFC, Madden 15, NHL 15, among others. Unlike Madden 25, these games are set to actually feature 'Next Gen' graphics. I must say, even though I'm not a large sport fan, i thought these looks gorgeous.

    Also adding to the list of 'Good,' 'The Sims 4' takes a special place on my heart. I grew up on 'The Sims' - From the Nintendo GameCube, to the PC, i built homes and families. I watched them die, i watched them steal. I intentionally locked them in a room without doors... intentionally built walls around pools... well, you know what I'm getting at. Sometimes we kill our Sim's, and sometimes we treat them like an extension of ourselves. It's a beloved franchise that is guaranteed to sell.

    And lastly, i need to add 'Battlefield: Hardline' - Typically i would always put battlefield (And COD) in a bad list, because i find them both drawn-out, over-hyped, and sloppy. that being said, the 'Cops and Robbers' twist is a much needed makeover to the series. Added with the Destruction and beauty of the Frostbite Engine, this game will be a sure thing.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition is also a good one. Minus the fact I dont like the look of the new combat system, of course... The storyline looks like its going to be an absolute marvel. Building off the previous 2, makes it all the more better!


    The Bad: With a pile of good things, we also have a pile of bad. Mirrors Edge 2, comes to mind. Having played the first one... I returned it within a day. I disliked the game, with a deep passion. How it has a second game, is beyond me... But i guess people like different things, eh? I realize this is still in development, but all they showed us were concept art, and someone running on walls and doing... awkward moves you wouldn't even catch Batman doing.

    And also, EA Sports PGA Tour. This is supposed to be a gold series... which i find boring to begin with. However, it feels like they just wanna add anything they can do make it look different. Soon enough we'll be playing golf in the middle of a battlefield match! "Hey! Stop playing golf and fight!" - "I can't... if i get a hole in one... *Bang*" - "Hole in one? More like hole in the head..." - But in all seriousness, i can't tell if they want to make a fun game, or just make the same game slightly more pretty, but with things that would never happen... is this PGA, or looney tunes golf?


    The Ugly: Every conference has an "Ugly" side. Typically everyone would agree what the ugly was. I know my personal thoughts here will piss a lot of people off, but I'm okay with that.

    What was ugly in EA's press conference? Mass Effect 4, and Star Wars: Battlefront. (Hold the anger until AFTER i explain, Please!)

    Mass Effect 4: I adore the Mass Effect Series, with the exception of the ME3 ending. While i am hesitate to get ME4 after that, I would get it... sometime. That being said, all we saw at the conference, was some concept art. It feels more like a slap in the face. Something like... "Hey! We're working on a game that you already know we're working on! So we're going to show you some concept art so you know we're working on it! Wanna see more? Come to E3 next year!" - It feels more like a really lame advertisement for an E3 trailer for E3 of next year. Confused yet? I am...

    Star Wars: Battlefront: Much like Mass Effect, I fell in love with this series. I still hate the fact that Dice took it. I dont hate dice, but I'm not crazy about their games. Never thought they did all the work they could have done. But that's not the only reason its here. Much like the one above. They showed concept art, and a LITTLE bit of Pre-Alpha footage. While it looks awesome... It's lacking. There was not enough to have given them a reason to have an E3 spot. Add that to the fact that they slapped us in the fact with the "See more in 2015!" or however they said it... Why even show it? Its just like the one above.

    I found this a huge disappointment. The "Good" was great, and the "bad" was limited... But the 'Ugly' Hurt me. The two things from EA i was hoping for most, Not seeing Star Wars or ME in its glory, took away so many points... I was forced to walk away giving the EA conference a Solid 4/10. I'm hoping they have some better things behind the scenes at E3, on the floor.


    I hope you enjoyed the Review. For more coverage, follow us!
  • I would have to agree with everything you said EA really let me down here where was all the promised star wars content to be shown off good thing i get to review ubisofts conference next :)
  • ^ Ubisofts was a very good one, in my eyes. Enjoy writing it!

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