E3 2014 Ubisoft Press Conference Review
  • By now you have probably read our review off EA's press conference and you will know that both me and my teammate share a common gripe with that event but lets not dwell on the past. I need something to keep my mind off that piece of shit ohhh wait yes here its Ubisoft time baby lets take a look at their E3 press conference shall we

    Now recently Ubisoft have garnered a reputation for showing gameplay at their E3 events that propels hype around a game that can never hope to fufill it. The most recent example of this is a title only released a few weeks ago that being Watch_Dogs (Ubisoft Montreal). Watch_Dogs was revealed to the world back at E3 2012 and the gameplay demo shown blew me away. The water and lighting effects in this demo were absolutely sexual I mean I got pretty horny from watching this and it sparked my excitement and hype for a game that would not appear for 2 more years. Fast forward to May 2014 and WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS I mean i'm not saying its a bad game because it is far from it I mean I love this game but at the same time it was a huge disappointment the graphics were no where near as amazing as they were shown back in 2012 and this was before the next consoles were even announced. Ubisoft needs to understand this is a dirty trick and will damage their image in the long run with all that said lets get onto what goodies they showed off to us at their conference

    After the disaster that was Ea's press conference I really needed to see some good games to cheer me up :'( and ohhhhhhh boy did I get some amazing titles. The conference kicked off with the world premiere of the sexiest game that I have ever seen Far Cry 4 (Ubisoft Montreal) we got a look into the first 5 minutes of the game and we get to meet the most kick ass villain I have seen in a while Pagan Min (Voiced by Troy Baker) who is the self proclaimed king of Kyrat a Himalayan Country which is the setting for the game between this and Batman Arkham Knight Im gonna have a hard time picking my game of E3. After Far Cry 4 and its amazing show we were given another taste of Assassins Creed Unity which was revealed to the world earlier at the Microsoft conference now as a fan of this series I have to say I was not disappointed with this title the games looking awesome and now i can finally play Co-Op with my friends this Christmas is going to be an amazing time to be a fan of Ubisoft

    Now I do not have many gripes with this event it was brilliant really with so many titles shown to me I wish it was November ready but i noticed two things that Ubisoft highlighted that I and a lot of other gamer's are not very excited over
    Just Dance 2015: As we all know the annual game machine is well oiled with a vast amount of rehashed content and Just Dance is no exception to this. If you dont know what Just Dance is its basically a dancing game that release every year with the same gameplay and just a few added songs. Your probably wondering why the hell is not released as DLC for the game before I would be inclined to agree with you but remember they make a lot more of your cash from a full release compared to 10$ worth of content and this kind practise is not something I look on very well Ubisoft better not become like Capcom with DLC shivers

    Shape Up: And now we come to the single most pointless and worst title to come out of any E3 conference this year. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS do you see me as a fat cunt or something because i do not like what you are reffering too if gamers want to excercise there is only one way and thats not shaking your ass like a spastic in front of a camera Come on Ubisoft no more bullshit fitness games thats not why I became a gamer -_-

    Conclusion: After all is said and done this was an awesome conference with only the two gripes to hold it back I am rating Ubisofts E3 Press Conference an A well done Ubisoft you did us gamers proud :)

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  • What did you think of Rainbow Six Siege??
    By far my favourite Ubi announcement!
  • I missed the ubi pressy, and how is RB Siege looking demoza!? I havnt seen anythig of it but have heard it looks good, I'll have to dig out some vids on YouTube.
    Gonna wait till we go to bed though (me and the missus) she effin loves it when I play game trailers while she's trying to get to sleep.

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