Exclusive Content (Bullshit)
  • Hello everybody how are you all doing today? I want to to tell you about something that has become a problem in the past few years when it pertains to our games especially after E3.
    If you havent worked it out yet what I am referring to is the idea of console exclusive content for multi platform games "bullshit" cough cough. What this is basically is a deal made between a platform and a publisher that will provide content for a game that can not be found anywhere else and it is fucking disgusting. The company with the worst track record of this is of course Sony every year Sony makes a deal with the differant game publishers that locks out any gamer's who do not favor their console this is absolutely unacceptable and they are all guilty of it Sony Microsoft the lot of them. This needs to stop right now before it does anymore damage to us gamers it drives us apart and feeds fanboys of both sides -_-
    Please come together with all of us so we may put a stop to this before it gets out of hand thank you for listening  


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