My Bday Soon WOOOHOOOO!!!!
  • Soooo in just under a months time it's my bday and I'll be half way to 30 (depressing I know), but what isn't depressing is that fact that I'm getting an Xbox One!!!!!!!!! This basically means I'm about to lose my job due to sick days rising into to 100's and become single due to the fact my missus hates games and I love them and I would rather play with my new shiny Xbox One than with her. But hey who said being a gamer was easy?

    Anyways what games do you guys recommened for me? I'll defo be picking up Battlefield 4, Fifa 14 and Forza 5.
  • I havnt got one mate but if I had the choice is defiantly be getting titanfall and dead rising 3, I havnt even played these games yet and I know there awesome!!

    And happy 15th? Birthday too lol

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