Anyone Still Play FarCry 3?
  • Hey Breadbins,

    Purchased myself FarCry3 in the Xbox sale, and just wondering if anyone loves the MP as much as me. Been playing all weekend and can't get enough of it, i mean who doesn't like ziplining down to a beach and pulling out your Clint Eastwood Magnum and blasting some noob in the face midway down? 

    Anyways just wondering your thought on FC3 and if anyone is up for some MP?
  • I got it on my hardrive when it was cheap, ain't even played it more than 5 minutes, didn't know there was pm, might give it a bash
  • I also bought it when it was just a few quid, like so many other games.  Ive probably played a few hours of the single player and found it really fucking hard.  Never tried the multiplayer.  Ill probably be on xbox on Tuesday night so Ill maybe give it a shot then.

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