Halo 2: Anniversary Edition Coming, MaybeSo
  • So apparently Halo 2: Anniversary is coming our way lads, yes yes yes. Looking very likely as Halo 1: Anniversary came a year before Halo 4 was released, so hopefully 434 will be doing the same for Halo 5.

    You guys excited for a Halo 2 reboot?

    Here's the full story from EGMNOW.com:
  • I'd rather have a Halo Wars sequel!!
  • Deffo agree! I still don't see the issue, best selling console RTS - 2.5 million sold not counting downloads, still around 2000 players online daily 4 years later, reviewed well, online support for a sequel and would give Xbox one an exclusive RTS. Also game one had a cliffhanger ending!
  • Cripes 5 years even! My only thinking is maybe they want the first full release halo game to be halo 5 which is fair enough I guess
  • A Sequel to Halo Wars would he pretty epic especially on Xbone , just imagine the scale!!!! But what I really want is for 434 to make Halo 2 mp or halo 3 mp exactly the same as it's originals just with next gen graphics and mY be some new maps and game modes. Even better a Halo Best Of..... The Halo 3 MP with next graphics and all the maps from all halo games, no halo reach engine like in Halo1 anniversary, exactly the same mp that I spent 3 years of my life playing non stop please. I would give my left nut for that game
  • Meh. Halo. I care not really. It's all about borderlands and battlefield for me at the moment.
  • Hey guys, Halo 3 is also meant to be getting a full reskin and put on Xbox one! That would be amazing!

  • Wouldn't call it amazing, the games are well love by myself as my waypoint will prove, but i'd rather see some new content! I've had a mess on the top down arcade game, thst seems pretty good! Anybody got it before i buy the full game?

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