The Elder Scrolls Online
  • We're all proper excited for this, who's getting what edition? Everyone Pre-ordered for the awesome bonuses?! Has @CrazyRichH realised how silly he was saying he was going to give it a miss?!
    We need to all pick the same alliance so we can get a guild going! Can we do Polls on here Rich?!
    Which Alliance for ESO Guild. (Xbone)
    1. Which Alliance?7 votes
        Ebonheart - Argonians/Dunmer/Nords
      1. Aldmeri - Altmer/Bosmer/Khajiit
      2. Dagger fall - Breton/Orc/Redguard
  • Poll now here guys

  • Defo Dagger Fall!!!! Those Bretons, Orcs and RedGuards would destroy and any army.
  • I went daggerfall but find it hard to choose between orcs and nords so maybe I'll go Ebonheart, besides if you preorder you gain access to any alliance for any class so I don't think this matters much so now
  • I'm back in the beta this weekend.  Gonna give it another go when I get a minute.
  • I'll be online tomorrow Doc if you're about? Me and Jordan are playiong as Nords

  • I'm having a mare downloading this beta lads :( roll on fibre cod honestly I cannot deal with this connection any longer
  • I stuck it on for a little but the load times were terrible.  I was stuck on one load screen for 10 minutes.  Its possibly because my PC isnt quite up to it.  Not exactly a gaming rig.
  • Yeah load screens were frequent but didnt take more than 10-15 secs for me? Started a Nord guild  :))
  • Only 6 weeks to go for PC with Pre order early access!!!
    Check out this site too, best ESO site I've found
  • How's the beta going fellas? Anybody been a superstar and took videos to share with us none beta folk? How's the game shaping up and is it worth a monthly sub?
  • I dont think my computer is up to it.  It runs ok but the load times are unbareable.
  • Nord, Ebonheart, DragonKnight

    Pc runs it fine, no issues, torn at the moment, just not sure.


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